Angela Ardolina founder of MycoDog holding mushroom supplements for dogs in a forest with a small dog and a woven basket on the ground

I embarked on a mission to ensure every dog could access the powerful benefits of these amazing mushrooms.

Witnessing the transformative power of functional mushrooms amidst our dogs' struggles with cancer, dementia, respiratory issues and more, I embarked on a mission to ensure every dog could access these benefits.

However, my research unveiled a disheartening reality: the existing mushroom products on the market fell short.

Most of these mushrooms were sourced from China and cultivated on inferior substrates like oats and sawdust and with improper extraction methods further diminishing their efficacy.

The challenge of administering powders only compounded the issue, often resulting in refusal from my dogs when it came time to eat.

Determined to rectify this problem, I founded MycoDog, driven by a commitment to deliver products of unparalleled excellence. No dog should be denied the life-changing potential of mushrooms.

This isn't just a business—it's a promise to provide the absolute best for our beloved companions.

A New Standard in Mushroom Extracts

At MycoDog, we're not just another pet supplement company—we're pioneers dedicated to revolutionizing how we care for our furry companions.

Mycodog How Mushrooms are grown naturally on logs outside
Mycodog mushrooms are grown on logs in nature in the USA, not from overseas

Pure, Locally-Sourced Ingredients for Unmatched Efficacy

While others may cut corners, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, sourcing our ingredients locally and adhering to sustainable wild-harvesting practices right here in the USA. Unlike products laden with fillers and sweeteners, our formulas boast only the purest ingredients, ensuring maximum efficacy without compromise.

MycoDog mycologist Jason Scott Feral Fungi
Medicinal mushrooms for dogs

Uncompromising Quality and Safety for Your Dog

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond mere promises; every batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to guarantee quality and safety. With MycoDog, you can trust that your pet is receiving the absolute best—because nothing less will suffice.

Embracing a Natural Path to Wellness

Now, with MycoDog's unrivaled products, you hold the key to unlocking a long, happy, and healthy life for your beloved pets—just as mine have enjoyed.

Angela Ardolino MycoDog Founder wild harvested mushrooms for dogs

Harnessing the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

No longer will you need to resort to toxic medications, when natural alternatives abound. With the potent benefits of mushrooms like turkey tail, reishi, lion's mane, and more, our products offer a beacon of hope for dogs battling cancer, respiratory issues, cognitive disorders, autoimmune diseases, and beyond.

Together let's embark on a journey to heal our animals naturally, ensuring their best health with the power of nature's remedies.

The MycoDog Process

At MycoDog, we meticulously craft our mushroom tinctures to ensure your pets receive the highest quality natural remedies.

What I wanted in a Mushroom Extract for Dogs

As I delved into the mushroom products on the market, I realized I could make a better mushroom extract for my dogs. So I did, I created MycoDog to provide the best mushroom extracts for our furry companions.

  • Mycodog mushroom tinctures, no messy mushroom powders

    No Powders

    Liquid tinctures offer higher potency and faster absorption, ensuring our pets receive the most medicinal benefits quickly and efficiently.

  • mycodog natural mushroom and adaptogens for dogs

    Sourced in Nature

    I wanted wild-harvested and properly cultivated mushrooms, grown on the substrate they’re found growing on in nature, and harvested at their peak time.

  • Medicinal mushrooms for dogs

    Pure Manufacturing

    I wanted to work with a myco-alchemist who understands botany and ancient extraction methods to create the most powerful, pure, synergistic formulas.

  • mycodog mushrooms for pets

    No Fillers

    I wanted NO fillers, flavors, or any ingredients that could cause harm to animals.

  • Mycodog mushrooms for dogs and adaptogens for dogs

    Powerful Synergy

    Combining mushroom extracts and natural adaptogens creates more powerful, synergistic formulas for your pet's health.

  • Mycodog mushroom tinctures for pets mushroom tonics for dogs

    Controlled Dosing

     I wanted to be able to deliver a therapeutic dose that was found to work in research, in a manageable dropper dosage.

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