I’m Angela Ardolino, a certified holistic pet health coach, formulator, and educator specializing in whole plant & fungi medicine.

Angela Ardolino MycoDog founder Mushrooms for dogs

My education and experience with fungi began in 2016 when I started using them as medicine.

At first mostly on my rescue farm where I rescued dogs and farm animals. I helped them holistically using food, fungi and other herbs to heal them from everything from anxiety and allergies to seizures to cancer.

At the time I got my knowledge from books on holistic medicine, as well as some of my favorite holistics like Ihor Basko, and Barbara Fougere. At the time I was using the best mushroom product for pets on the market, which was Real Mushroom powdered extracts.

But then my own dog Nina was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, and I needed to start giving her a therapeutic dose of mushrooms from Real Mushrooms. I quickly realized I had to use 5-6 capsules, or up to a third of a bag of powdered mushroom extracts in her food. All that powder in her food every day just turned her meal into mud, and oftentimes she refused it. I couldn’t afford to have my sick dog refusing her food because of her mushroom supplement.

The more I investigated, the more I knew I could make a better mushroom extract for dogs. So I did.

What I wanted in a Mushroom Extract for Dogs:

NO POWDERS – Mushrooms are 85% water and that a liquid tonic would be much more bioavailable than the powder.

SOURCING – I wanted mushrooms grown in the U.S., instead of overseas. I wanted them to be grown and sourced in nature, and wild harvested at their peak time.

MANUFACTURING – I wanted to work with a myco-alchemist who understands botany and ancient extraction methods to create the most powerful, pure, synergistic formulas.

INGREDIENTS – I wanted NO fillers, flavors, or any ingredients that could cause harm to animals.

SYNERGY – I knew that combining several medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens make it more powerful and synergistic.

DOSING – I wanted to be able to deliver a therapeutic dose that was found to work in research, in a manageable dropper dosage.

PRESERVATION – Powders can begin to clump or oxidize the moment you open them. Oftentimes my powders and capsules would turn into hard blocks in the Florida humidity. We preserve our extracts in organic vegetable glycerin.

SUBSTRATE – Most importantly I wanted fungi grown in their natural environment, grown on the natural wood, logs, and decaying matter they’re found on in nature.

SO that’s what I did! I created MycoDog Mushroom Extract & Adaptogen blends.

And now we have the most potent fungi tonics on the market! 

Angela Ardolino founder Mycodog formulater Feral Fungi


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